What information should be included in arc flash study report?

The arc flash study report should include the following information as a minimum:


  • Executive summary
  • Narrative describing the scope and results of the study and the methodology used
  • Description of modes of operation and details of the scenarios evaluated
  • Results of short-circuit analysis listing equipment that is applied above its short-circuit current rating, and appropriate recommendations
  • Results and recommendations of time-current analysis, including time-current curves
  • Arc flash spreadsheet in form of a table including a listing of all equipment that had arc flash hazard levels calculated as part of the study. This listing should include the calculated three-phase bolted fault current, predicted arcing fault current, upstream protection device identity with its opening time, working distance, arc flash protection boundary, incident energy and incident energy at arc flash boundary
  • A tabulated form showing the worst case incident energy calculated for each bus and the associated mode of power system operation. Report may include incident energy calculated for each bus for each mode of operation
  • Documentation of all study input data, including utility available fault currents; cable sizes, types, and lengths; motor data; breaker types and settings; fuse sizes and types, etc.
  • Up-to-date single-line diagram. Optionally, further detailed single-line diagrams including small motors, and 120/240V panel boards may be included for use by maintenance personnel
  • Documentation of the software manufacturer, exact version of software used, and configuration settings used to do the study
  • List of assumptions that were made for cable lengths, transformer impedances etc.
  • Additional information may be included where it enhances understanding of the electrical system and arc flash study
  • Advisory statements covering the impact of changes to the power system, including overcurrent protective devices or system operation and potential impact on arc-flash incident energies