What tools do you recommend for arc flash hazard assessment?

We recommend ARCAD's software and mobile apps for arc flash hazard analysis and label making. The program calculation procedure is based on IEEE 1584 - 2018 (aka 2nd Edition) Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations. The Guide was developed as an easy to use and comprehensive tool for calculating arc incident energy, arc flash protection boundary and hazard level required by National Electrical Code when work is to be performed on or near the energized equipment.

The IEEE 1584 - 2018 empirically derived model was chosen for the analysis of arc flash faults since the model is capable to accurately account for variety of setup parameters: vertical and horizolnal electrode configurations, open and boxed equipment, gap between conductors of 6 to 254 mm (0.25 to 10 inches), bolted fault currents in the range of 500A to 106kA, system voltages in the range of 208V to 15kV.

Typical IEEE 1584 based software for arc flash analysis takes gap between electrodes, electrode configuration, available short circuit current and system voltage values on input, and determines arcing fault current at potential point of fault. Next, the incident energy, arc flash and shock protection boundaries, hazard level and recommended personnel protective equipment are determined based on the equipment configuration, arc duration and working distance.

Professional arc flash software comes along with a built-in and extendable protection device library, ability to save the equipment configuration, calculation results, configuration of the units of measurement, and the ability to generate warning labels in a variety of electronic file formats, layouts, languages etc. Please check ARCAD arc flash software page for a condensed list of main program features and capabilities.

Have done arc flash hazard analysis and stored the results in tabulated text or XLS spreadsheet format? Lack the time or expensive equipment to print the required labels internally? Let us do it for you. ARCAD's arc flash label printing services make NFPA 70, OSHA and CSA Z462 compliance simpler.