Polyester labels vs vinyl labels

There are many good reasons why polyester labels and vinyl labels are seen as the best choices for many of your tagging needs, and these reasons are all due to the inherent characteristics and features of each one. The main draw when it comes to choosing a tag material is in its durability. So if you are in need of a durable type of label that can withstand a good number of rough conditions, then any of these two is a good choice.

When faced with a choice as to what material is best for labeling requirements, the choices you may face include vinyl and polyester. Both options are durable, but some are better suited to specific uses than others. In order to show you which one is best, here are some things you need to know about each type.

Vinyl – vinyl labels are indeed a good choice when you are looking for a durable label to use for your company’s needs. These are flexible, versatile, and best of all, one of the most cost effective materials for labels around. These are great for use with curved surfaces due to its flexibility however, this material does have its limitations. If you are looking for a tag that can withstand very harsh chemicals and conditions, both indoors and outdoors, vinyl is not at the top of the list. An option for added durability is to include a standard overlaminate which will add protection from harsh environments including many chemicals, oil, gasoline, many acids, grime and abrasion.

Polyester – another option you have when it comes to tough label materials is polyester. This is considered a stronger material than vinyl since it is more tear resistant and can withstand exposure to oils, solvents, and a number of chemicals. Labels that are made using this material are ideal for products that are subjected to harsh indoor or outdoor conditions. They work well in a number of environments especially in agricultural and industrial settings.

Here at ARCAD, we don't compromise on quality of films we are using to print labels. We utilize only high-end material ensuring full customer satisfaction and enabling us to offer you 5-year warranty on all our print products.

We normally use General Formulations 203-OAPAE Gloss White Opaque Vinyl with Grey Permanent Adhesive (Download 203-OAPAE Bulletin). Check please price table for printing costs.

We can also print labels on Arlon DPF 8000 heavy-duty film with aggressive high tack permanent adhesive recommended for rough, plastic or brick surfaces (Download DPF 8000 Bulletin) or polyester (Mylar) film. Please contact us for your printing quote.