How much do you charge for Online Short Circuit Calculator?

The online calculator is available for an annual fee of 50.00 USD; this registration fee allows users year-long open-ended use of the ARCAD online short circuit calculator, including a personal work environment, the tools required to run your short circuit fault current analysis, and complete technical support just a quick email away.

ARCAD's online short circuit calculator comes at a fraction of the cost of purchasing commercial software or hiring a consultant to perform short circuit analysis. You may create any login name and password in order to access your account, provided that they are not already in use. Your email address and other personal information are not mandatory fields in the application form, giving you a peace of mind when it comes to online security. And of course all of the information submitted by you on the ARCAD website is strictly confidential.

As an added bonus, your account gives you the advantage of saving the entered system. This is practical for systems with multiple scenarios of interconnections where the system goes through ongoing changes over a period of time. You may continue your analysis without having to re-enter your data from the beginning.

You can pay for your registration with any major credit card or PayPal balance. We use PayPal's cutting edge security, fraud prevention and chargeback protection technology when processing the registration transaction. You don't have to be a member of PayPal to make payment.

We also accept payments by other payment forms. Click here for details.

REFUND POLICY - All registrations are backed by our 5 week or 5 login sessions, whichever comes first, hassle-free Refund Policy. We do not charge any refund fees and will not give you any runarounds if you require your money back. In order for us to keep our word of a hassle-free refund, we simply ask you to contact us via phone or email. Please see our contact page for up-to-date contact information.