How to save projects?

"I've entered my one line and now I want to experiment with other configurations. Is there a way to save what I have already done so I can come back to it without re-entering all the information?"

When you log into your online account, look for Generate Report button on bottom of the screen. By clicking on it, report which includes existing configuration will be generated and you will see a link to TAB delimited report file you can download to your system, copy / paste into Excel etc. Please do not change anything in the original report - make a copy if you need to do any modifications. After that, you can delete previous entries in your account and start working on your other project.

You will also see Upload Table button on the bottom. It allows to upload previously saved configuration. Please notice that the existing configuration will be re-written. Make sure you saved it on your hard drive (see above for how to do it) before using this function.