What are the benefits of ARCAD Online Short Circuit Calculator?

ARCAD INC. offers a comprehensive online tool for short circuit current analysis. To the best of our knowledge, this online service is not offered by any of the competitors on the market. In addition to being conveniently available online, several other advantages of using ARCAD online short circuit calculator include:

  • no need for software installation, no risk associated with virus threat
  • system can be accessed, operated, shared from anywhere, anytime, on any platform connected to the Internet and by anybody with granted access
  • access to the most recent services and updates
  • routine data backup

The ARCAD online short circuit calculator simplifies tedious calculations. We have implemented a parameter of tolerances to our service, which has an effect on final results within the analysis. Many other procedures do not take into account room for error, which can distort final values. In a perfect world tolerances would be eliminated in favor of precise values free of any assumptions. By allowing room for error we consider all tolerances both positive and negative. Another factor to consider is reducing or extending values to their most significant digit. This allows answers to be more accurate which results in considerably more precise hazard levels. In other words, the calculator validation procedure, input data analysis and algorithm for capacity calculations ensure that the results are not more precise than is justified by input data accuracy.

Typical commercial software on the market feature more complex interfaces and elaborate graphic content, which increases their marketability and, consequently, their price. ARCAD's online tool is user-friendly and is offered at a reasonable price. It also comes accompanied with calculation examples showing the procedure in action.

We strongly believe that if resulting fault current margin error can't be quantified, then it's not engineering, but only a guess. As far as we are aware, none of the currently available competing products perform proper error analysis. Experience shows that by far most conducted real-world studies are built upon approximations and, therefore more or less accurate input data. The concept of precision is very important indeed and can impact results in surprising ways.