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By providing on-line and PC based software for short circuit and arc flash hazard analysis, ARCAD INC. helps create a safer working environment for individuals who service electrical systems. ARCAD service includes online resources, software programs and mobile apps that allow electricians, contractors, engineers, facility managers to perform short circuit fault current analysis, incident energy, arc flash protection boundary, level of personal protection equipment (PPE) calculations, and to create customized arc flash warning labels meeting OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 regulations and code requirements.

Featured Arc Flash Articles


Evaluation of onset to second degree burn energy in arc flash

Use of incident energy as a measure of burn severity in arc flash calculations.

Behavior of apparel fabrics during convective and radiant heating

Personal protective equipment recommended for arc flash is not always designed for arc flash exposure.

Short Circuit Calculations


MVA method for short circuit analysis

MVA method is used by separating the circuit into components and calculating each component with its own infinite bus.

Short circuit current calculations and labeling

Once the fault current has been calculated, labels made giving the available short circuit fault current, should be applied to the equipment.